Hello world!

Thanks for taking time to visit my site AND read my blog.

This is a casual platform for me to share my journey and hopefully encourage and inspire YOU to live your wildest dreams AND your best life!

A little bit about me – l’m a news anchor in Syracuse, New York (A Southern Belle from Texas TRYING to survive the cold and snow). I’m an Army brat and I have lived all over the world. From walking barefoot through the rich soil of Africa to standing in Anne Frank’s hiding place, I’ve cherished every moment, stateside and abroad. My amazing life experiences have led me to my passions…global storytelling and people.

My career has been filled with A LOT of twists and turns. I had to hit rock bottom to achieve my dream of becoming a journalist (more about that later)…and now I get to meet phenomenal people from across the world, tell their stories and hopefully change a life, or two, in the process.

A few simple things that help me through this crazy journey called life:
1. Always pursue your passion
2. Let “no” fuel your “yes”
3. Live your wildest dreams

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Until next time…live, love and lead.


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