What Clients Say

Sheena Solomon
 Jennifer Sanders has been a true asset to our Nourishing Tomorrow’s Leaders program. She blessed us all by her keynote address during our graduation where she shared her story, which is an inspiration for young and old. I am proud to know her. 
Gwen Webber-McLeod
  I am the founder of You Can't Fail, Inc. ,an organization devoted to developing the next generation of women leaders. In this capacity I keep my eye on outstanding emerging women leaders. Jennifer Sanders is among the best and brightest women leaders I know. She serves as the leader of ceremonies for the annual You Can't Fail conference. Her intellect, energy and stunning personality make her the perfect fit for an event devoted to inspiring women of her generation. I am thankful she is willing to support our organization as we inspire women to live in and on purpose. 
​Jeffrey Newell
 We had the honor of having Jennifer Sanders speak to our young and aspiring journalists at the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central’s media communications program. She has already inspired countless students taking our classes to write and report the news from their hearts, while bringing a positive attitude and effort to their work. Her words and presence alone have already had an invaluable impact on our program as we look forward to continuing our partnership with Jennifer.  
Fritz Diddle
 We are so incredibly grateful to have Jennifer as a friend to On Point for College and a mentor to our students. As a frequent guest celebrity orientation speaker, Jennifer has been a source of inspiration and positivity to young people who never thought that graduating college and finding a professional career would be possible. Her kind spirit and genuineness shine through in all of her interactions with our students. Connecting with mentors like Jennifer make all the difference in these young people's lives.